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“Sherrie is the first agent who gave me a chance and I couldn't have been happier with the work we've down. Since I've been with Sherrie I've been cast in over 20 commercials both local and national. I've done shoots with almost every major tech company in San Francisco and have done several spots for major corporations such as HP, Frito Lay, Credit Karma, SFMTA, Visa and Fiat. Every casting agent I've met loves the professionalism and personality shown by Sherrie and the crew at Models Inc. I don't think you'll find another agency that will get you work of this calaber and do it with the kindness shown by Models Inc.”
- Stephen Laferriere


“Models Inc has represented my kids for the past 6 years and we have been very happy working with them. Sherrie and her staff are very professional and quick in their responses. My children have had many opportunities from print with Old Navy, Wells Fargo, Pottery Barn, Party City; fit modeling with Levi's, Old Navy and commercials with Honda, Apple, Firefox, and Academy of Sciences! Sherrie finds us the perfect jobs and understands that my kids do this as a side job and just for the fun of it. Models Inc has been the only agency my kids have worked with and we intend to keep it that way! Thank you Sherrie and your team for all your efforts and for finding us the right jobs!”
- Gita Goyal



“Our family has been with Sherrie and Models Inc for nearly five years and we couldn't be happier. From day one the Models Inc team has shown professionalism unmatched in the industry. Plus they keep us busy, which is great. We've booked jobs with California Lottery, Covered California, Pottery Barn Kids and Old Navy, among others. More importantly for us, though, is the family environment that Sherrie and her team have created. They have our best interests in mind and are always on the look out for the perfect match. Thank you Sherrie and Models Inc for your wonderful representation.”
- Matt, Toneka, Ethan and Gavin Lund



“It's hard for me to imagine where my career would be without Sherrie and Models Inc. Since signing with them a few years ago, I've worked on just about everything - television, major motion pictures, voice-overs, hosting live events, reality TV, commercials, industrials, print/online modeling, and live performance. Models Inc. continues to impress me with their availability, their knowledge, and their commitment to making their talent feel like they are their number one priority. I am genuinely excited about where my career is headed and with Models Inc. behind me, I feel like there is no limit to how high I can climb.”
- A.J. Kirsch



“I cannot overstate the value of Models Inc. Talent Agency. After numerous years of poor representation, frustrating relationships with so-called "big" agencies and disappointing outcomes, I finally found a home in Models Inc. Sherrie Garcia is a wonderful agent; she is honest, trustworthy, kind, professional, understanding, down-to-earth and above all extremely supportive. I want to compliment Sherrie and her great staff at Models Inc. for the excellent level of representation they have provided me since we first joined forces. I strongly believe that Models Inc. Talent Agency can help anyone establish themselves in the industry regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, background or initial skill set. As a young aspiring actor and writer based out of Los Angeles, California, I feel extremely blessed and privileged to have such a "small" yet powerful agency provide me with outstanding representation in the Bay Area. Needless to say, I highly recommend Models Inc. Talent Agency to anyone who wants to turn their dreams into goals and goals into reality.”
- Kamal Moummad, Talent, Writer and Director



“I cannot put into words how much I appreciate Models Inc., and all that the agency has done for my family. I first met Sherrie when I signed my older son, James, with the agency in 2010. We have been so pleased with all of the cool jobs that James has booked over the years including Carters, Pottery Barn Kids, Gymboree, etc. Last summer, I left my teaching job to become a stay-at-home mom. I have a journalism degree, and I worked in television news back in the early to mid 2000’s. I was very apprehensive about approaching Sherrie about representation for myself because I thought that I’d never be able to get back into the “spot light” so-to-speak. With a little encouragement from Sherrie’s daughter, Niquel, while hosting a jewelry party, I got the courage to ask Sherrie to represent me too. She kindly added me to her talent pool. Within a couple of weeks, I went to my first audition for Bank of America, and I booked a national commercial that has continually aired since the World Series last year. I want to say, “thank you” to Sherrie and her crew for all of the wonderful opportunities you have provided us." - Megan Rabbitt



“My oldest daughter signed with Models Inc as an infant, 7 years ago. She was immediately sent for go-see’s and booked her first job within a few weeks, with Pottery Barn. When my second daughter was born there was no question she would also sign with the agency. She landed two significant jobs by the time she was 6 months old, one as a beautiful page in a children’s book and another playing Michael Jackson’s daughter in a documentary produced by Duo Creative. Both of my children have had numerous jobs in print, fit modeling, television, short film and commercial with clients including Old Navy, Tea Collection, LeTop, Biscotti, Party City, Gymboree, Microsoft, Bank of the West, Dodge, and Xfinity. Our family and extended family have been on several auditions, which has been a fun experience. Sherrie and her staff are always professional. They are timely in their responses and very supportive. Sherrie is well known in the industry. When we have been on a job and mentioned that the girls are represented by Models Inc, the response is always positive. We look forward to working with Models Inc for many years to come.”
- Stephanie Brooks



“Our daughter has been with Sherrie since the age of 5. It has been such a positive and fun experience for her! It can be intimidating when looking for a modeling agent but with Models Inc., it was easy and comfortable. Sherrie and her staff are kind, genuine and very knowledgeable. Within a few months, my husband and I joined Models Inc. as well. Sherrie keeps us busy and we have done modeling and acting jobs for clients such as Hill Physicians, Verizon, Ben and Jerry's, Wells Fargo, Michael's and USAA. Models Inc is a reputable company and it has been an absolutely pleasure having them represent our family.”
- Engelhaupt Family



“Ever since I've known and worked with Sherrie (about six years now), she has been incredibly professional and knowledgeable about the business. She truly cares about my career and personal life too!  I also trust her with choosing the right projects for my young children.  Thank you, Sherrie!”
- Sharon, Talent



“When I first met Sherrie, I didn't know what to think because in this business, it's hard to trust what is real and what is not. But after meeting with her, I knew she was the real thing. I have had some amazing opportunities and have worked with some talented people, and I love every minute of it! Thanks Sherrie for all that you do, and thanks to the rest of the Models Inc. Team!”
- Ericka Cargill, Talent


"I want to thank Sherrie and all of Models Inc. for all of my success in my career. Thank you."
- Jose Rodriguez, Talent



"Sherrie is hands-down the most recommended agent by producers, directors, photographers and casting directors in the Bay Area. I get told time and time again on set. I started working with Sherrie in 2007 when my two girls were 2 and 3 months old. Within a few months I signed with her, as well. Sherrie and the Models Inc. staff are friendly, professional and have an understanding of the actor and talents’ perspectives as well as a strong sense of work ethic with respect to producers’ and casting directors’ needs. Sherrie is happy and hard-working, and this reflects on her talent and what ultimately influences the type of energy and life her talent will bring to the project. With Sherrie, my girls and I have worked on over 10 national and regional commercials for clients such as: Clorox, Greenworks, Liberty Mutual, Sony, Raley's, Chase Bank, Chevy and Target. I have joined the Screen Actors Guild. Both of my girls are Union Eligible.  My daughter, Chloe, has learned how to interact with adults and has created a modeling and commercial career that she is really proud of. I highly recommend Models Inc. for both talent and people looking to cast their next campaign. You won't be let down.”
- Jennifer Latch, Talent

“In my opinion, business relationships are more valuable than camera equipment, and Sherrie Garcia is like gold to me!  I have known her for 25 years.  We met when I started photographing her children for print ads. I trust her implicitly to provide me with the best talent possible. I believe she is the perfect combination of a smart, savvy businesswoman, who is also extremely sweet and down-to-earth!”
- Marcy Maloy, Photographer



“Finding the right agency for a family the size of ours, is not an easy task. Flexibility is key! We researched agencies very carefully, and were thrilled when our first choice, Models Inc., signed us! We can honestly say our hopes have been surpassed. Sherrie and her entire staff are extremely professional and kind. Most importantly for us, they are family-friendly and down to earth. They keep us busy with high quality work (Old Navy, Bixbee, Xfinity, Party City, HBO, Northstar/Vail Ski Resorts to name a few). Yet they understand when life gets in the way. Through auditions and jobs, our kids are continually strengthening their improvisational acting and public speaking skills.. tools they will certainly use throughout life. And we're all having fun! Every single casting agent, producer, and crew member we've worked with has had nothing but wonderful things to say about Models Inc. This agency is a class act, and a true pleasure to work with.”
- The Hunter Family (Kim, Chris, Cal, Haley, Laurel & Kurtis)



“It’s always a pleasure working with Sherrie Garcia.  I can always expect a timely and healthy submission of talent and her professionalism is always appreciated.”
- Theresa, Beau Bonneau Casting

“I have worked with Sherrie for a few years, with different companies and on many projects.
I have found her and her team to be professional, and at all times helpful and flexible, no matter what the clients’ demands. She is a great partner when it comes to making sure the casting is perfect. The children she represents are easy to work with and adorable. Sherrie always pulls through when the challenges of our business arise. It is always a comfort to be able to depend on her and her agency with the projects we work on. It is a pleasure work with Sherrie.”
- Carol Oliveto, Producer

“I have been booking models with Models Inc. for the past 5 years to find fit models.  I always get a response right away acknowledging my requests, and booking or go see confirmations on the same day I send them out.  Sherrie is always professional and friendly, and it’s a pleasure to work with her.”
- Sarah Franko, Technical Designer at Gymboree, Inc.

We switched agencies a couple years ago to Models Inc so that we could have our whole family handled by the same agency.  I had talked to an on set teacher at a shoot one day who spoke very highly of Sherrie for representing kids and families. I wasn't sure if she would also be a good fit for my husband and I since we did a lot of industrials and corporate jobs but after meeting Sherrie we were totally won over by her sincerity and professionalism. We switched over the whole family and have never regretted it for a minute. We continue to be pleased with the type of work that Sherrie secures for us and would recommend her to any actor or model regardless of their age. Her, as well as her staff are always friendly and happy to answer any questions we have or accommodate our schedules which having experienced other agents is definitely not always the case.
- Bob, Lori, Kendyl and Kayla - Talent

Below are just a few of the projects that the Grbac Familiy has booked since signing with Models Inc:

  • Bob - BASF, Beau Wine Tours, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Merck, Auto Bike
  • Lori - Greater Nevada Credit Union, BASF, Beau Wine Tours, Wells Fargo, Zike, Auto Bike, Ed Video
  • Kendyl - Wells Fargo, Zike
  • Kayla - Apple, World’s Astonishing News, Wells Fargo, Zik




It is always a pleasure to work with Sherrie. She is fast, reliable and always there when you need her. We have been saved by her many times during last minute changes and cast calls. Would love to keep this great business relationship with her!
Thank you very much Sherrie and Model's Inc.! 
- Duo Creative – Production Company








My daughter and I have been with Model’s Inc for several years now and have had amazing opportunities both as individuals as well as together on set cast as a ‘real-life’ mom and daughter pair.    From interacting with Monitor lizards longer than I am tall, to yoga postures and getting to soar down the steep streets of San Francisco by bicycle, sums up just a few of our wonderful experiences made possible by Sherrie and team at Model’s Inc.  

I was always under the assumption that the work was very limited in the local area but have been pleasantly surprised at all of the opportunities provided by Model’s Inc., not to mention the vast variety in the type of work available as well and the overall professionalism throughout. 
We’ve really enjoyed all of the connections we’ve made over the years and have been able to constantly challenge ourselves allowing us to grow and flourish both personally and professionally.  We truly appreciate all of work to date, the solid portfolio we’ve been able to establish and look forward to many more opportunities to come!
- Rachelle & Elle Gianelli, Talent   



I could not imagine where I would be in my life right now without Sherrie and Models Inc.The things that I've learned, adventures I've experienced and the great memories and friendships that I've built in this first year, I owe all to Sherrie. Through out the beginning of this journey I've always felt comfortable, safe, and professional. Whenever I had a question or needed advice, Sherrie was always there for me. Models Inc. took a chance on me, to represent me, and to guide me in my path and for that I am forever grateful.This is just the beginning and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!
- Brian Castellanos, Talent





From sports broadcasting and independent filmmaking, to internet, corporate and commercial production, there's not much Atomic hasn't done.  Incorporating seven edit suites, a sound stage and remote equipment for a wide variety of productions, Atomic provides the full gamut of production equipment and experience for any project.  It's all done in-house, everyday, and we've been doing it for nearly 20 years

We have been working with Sherrie & Models Inc. for many years and it's always easy.  Models Inc. is our "Go To" talent agency with a large and diverse client base, they seem to have the perfect fit for any production. The actors we've hired over the years have always been pleasant and professional, and when we plan a shoot with Sherrie, talent is the last thing we have to worry about. We highly recommend Sherrie and Models Inc.
- Atomic Productions, Production company

I started with Models Inc. when my daughter was 12 months old.  Having researched a handful of  agencies in S.F and after speaking with their agents, it was evident that Models Inc. was the place for us.  Sherrie is not only professional and highly respected in the industry but friendly and approachable.  Fast forward 6 years, I now have 3 kids who all are signed with Models Inc., not to mention myself and my husband!  Sherrie has successfully submitted my entire family for jobs that we have gotten to shoot together.  It has become somewhat of a hobby in our house hold.  If you are new to the industry, don't make the mistake of thinking you need an agent in the city.  Our very own Sherrie Garcia of Models Inc. here in Walnut Creek is the real deal, equal if not better than the ones whose names you here thrown around.  
- The Stern Family, Talent

Sherrie and Models Inc. are always quick to respond, will work after hours to help a project, provide quick service and billing, and have an amazing follow through with talent.  They are always eager to work on any project possible and it is always a pleasant, stress-free experience working with them.  They are my go-to agency!
-Kristen Beck, Casting Agent